Remix for Idler_1814 : Concatenation
First, I have to apologize. I have no permission nor agreement on making this...
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Look Up to Ganymede (jestana remixed)

Title: Look Up to Ganymede
Author: lemurling 
Remixed Fic: Inspired by "Greek Myths", with additional inspiration and mood from her fanvid, "No More".
Remixed Author: jestana 
Rating and type of fic: PG, H/A
Word Count: 1740
Disclaimer: Not my people, I just torture them.
Notes: Give me a bit of joyful light-hearted play, and I give you back angst, but what else could be expected from me?

Also, my sincere apologies to the mods. I dropped off the face of the earth this last month, haven't even been reading email, due mostly to being distracted by pregnancy complications. My little girl was born (early but healthy) on the 1st, and re-finding my muse has been a good way to get through these last few anxious days.

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Concatenation: Remix for Ioanite
Fic: Concatenation
Author: Idler
Fix Remixed: C is for Cat
Original Author: ioanite
Rating: G, gen
Warnings: none

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Consequences (Remix for esmerelda_t)
Batman: Gordon
Title: Consequences
Author: jestana
Remixed Fic: Aftermath
Remixed Author: esmerelda_t
Rating and type of fic: G, H/A
Disclaimer: None of this is mine, not even the idea. *grin* I'm writing this purely for the fun of it.
Notes: I was assigned the lovely esmerelda_t for my remix. She had so many wonderful fics to choose from that I couldn't decide at first. I finally chose 'Aftermath' and decided to see if I could do it from another's point of view. I hope I did justice to it and that she approves of my choice. This was fun and I'd like to do it again.

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Remix for Nodbear: Play On
Horatio and Archie
Name of fic: Play On
Author's name: esmerelda_t
Name (and link) of fic being remixed: The Food of Love
Name of author being remixed: nodbear
Rating and type of fic: Horatio/Archie, G.
Usual disclaimer: This would be a great time to rip of my mask and reveal I've been C.S Forester all along. I'm not though.

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different blue eyes... (remix for Jestana)
Remix for jestana 's "Too Much"

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Remix ? for Jestana
Remix for jestana
Jestana's stories are here

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Remix for Lemurling
Title: They have to take you in
Author Eglantine_br
Rating G
Word Count 1746
Spoilers None
Disclaimer As always

I had the honor of remixing the work of Lemurling. Her body of work gave me a lot to choose from,(Nevertheless I am greedy for more of her writing.) I chose to work off of the 'Youth of Delight, Come Hither,' chapter 4.

I can only hope it is 1/5 as much fun to read as it was to write.

They Have to Take You In

The coach rocked down the same streets, heeling a bit as it took the same corners. It was the same as scores of times before, it was coming home. And Archie could not make himself believe that he was not afraid.

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Role Models (Remix For Idler_1814)
Plot Bunnies
Name of fic: Role Models
Author's name: ioanite 
Name (and link) of fic being remixed: Cenotaph (Link:
Name of author being remixed: idler_1814 
Rating: Maybe PG for swearing.
Type of Fic: Gen
Disclaimer: In this case, I really own nothing here.
Summary: A newly minted commander carries out his first set of orders, while reflecting on how he’s changed over the years, and the man who helped him along the way.
Notes: I wrote this story without reading the novella that it was based on (Run Aground, link in "Cenotaph"). Thus, if I completely and utterly borked up Fanshawe’s character, I apologize.

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A World Exclusive (remix for Sarlania)
Remix for Sarlania
Title: A World Exclusive
Author: mylodon
Remix of: Times of Change
Author of original: sarlania
Rating: PG 12
Length: 1281
Author's note: As I was going through Sarlania’s work to find a piece to remix (so much choice!) I came across this wonderful piece again and got struck by one of my mad ideas. What if a tabloid journalist had handled that article?
Usual disclaimers apply in re who owns the Hornblower characters (not me).

Hello Sailor! Horatio Hornblower shows that there’s more to sailing than running out your cannon.

By Charlie Cochrane

They call him “the Nelson of Kent”, although Horatio Hornblower, 62, has both arms, both eyes and, presumably, both of the other things. Smallbridge may be the name of his Manor but I’ve been assured—by those who should know—that there’s nothing small about the man in question.
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